Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike Gallacher

Micheal Gallacher is a genius. He doesn't let on that he's smart though and I can't seem to figure out why. Maybe he doesn't like people feeling inferior to his vast knowledge... he does however enjoy being compared to attractive male celebrities.
Mike is just a funny person. He acts like he is full of himself even though he can be very self conscious. He tries to get a laugh out of everyone he can, and he usually succeeds. He is always trying to do the right thing, and is always there for his friends.
He is a germaphobe, which can be extremely cute, especially when he freaks out and won't give you a high five because his dry knuckles are bleeding and he's worried about getting blood on you. He is a precious guy.
He is one of those people who will stick by you no matter what mistakes you've made. He will never wrong anyone and if he ever accidentally does he does everything he possible can to make it right. Anyone who is his friend should be grateful to know him.

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