Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rebekah Deppe

Rebekah Deppe is one of those people who doesn't let others bring her down.
She looks for the good in everything and it she can't find it she makes it up. She is the kind of person who can be found laughing her head off after getting injured (which happens a lot.) She doesn't let people stand in her way. When she wants to do something she goes for it 100 percent!
She is a thoughtful person. She can tell when you're having a bad day and she'll try to make it better. She is the kind of person who won't judge you and will just let you be yourself.
Rebekah is freaking hilarious. She is the kind of girl who can find entertainment anywhere. She is just all around fun to be with.
The End!


  1. I seriously have no idea who made this, but they have no idea what it meant to me.
    Thanks for seeing the good in me :)